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Why Rolio?

Rolio exists to spark creation. We want to help create a more beautiful world and a more complete self. Creating empowers us in a way few other things can. The uncertainties of life, doubts, questions, and excesses disappear as you enter the flow of creation. The singular purpose creation offers is how we rise above the cares of the world and the worries of the mind.

Creating empowers us.

How we do it?

Our artists carefully source our pigments and supplies from around the world. We look first for the exceptional quality that we’re known for. The supplies we choose have the vibrance and long lasting quality we would want in our own studios.

Rolio is made better, Rolio is made for you.

What is Rolio?

When we start a project, we’re never trying to make it ‘just standard’. Start getting a better class of pigments and supplies from Rolio. We combine exceptional boutique service with supplies curated by artists and designers.

Let’s create something together.

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Mica Powder


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